The hidden hands of the US in Gurib-Fakim’s fall?

Hidden hands did play a big role in the downfall Ameenah Gurib-Fakim.

Sources say the Americans, infuriated by Mauritius push for the return of Diego Garcia, divided the Mauritius government.

In a move to weaken the Mauritian government, the U.S. played the divide and rule game.

According to the source, the U.S. exerted pressure on the Mauritian government to end Gurib-Fakim’s tenure.

The U.S. intentions went directly to the Mauritian Embassy in Washington.

Our sources in New Delhi say this was then relayed to Port Louis.

The President did not have much chance against the American onslaught.

There were issues within the Presidential office altogether on the American attack against Gurib-Fakim.

Washington divided the government over the President’s case.

With this, there is the diversion of the attention away from the Diego Garcia issue.

Now, with a divided government, the hope is that Mauritius claims on Diego Garcia will either be relegated.

Nevertheless, the U.S. move could only happen with support from within.

Pressure mounted internally in Mauritius for Gurib-Fakim to vacate the offices of the Presidency.

Many are saying that internally, the campaign against the President was not an anti-Muslim thing.

But for the U.S., it is different.

The American regime’s intent and purpose were¬†also to remove the first Muslim woman president in Africa.

The U.S. has a visceral anti-Muslim policy under the regime of President Donald Trump.

This policy contributed to the campaign against Gurib-Fakim.

Internally, the MSM-ML regime remains divided on the issues.

But there is also a faction within the MSM that was not against the President.

The great divide – caused by Washington’s insistence – was obvious with the Minister Mentor’s support for Gurib-Fakim.

Needless to say how the MSM-ML remains divided on the whole affair.

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