Let the cheat begin: Najib has nine lives?


An unfair zoning and a ridiculous Fake News law greet the opposition for the General Elections 2014 or GE14.

It is under such circumstances together with a massive vote buying exercise that Malaysians will go to the polls on May 9.

That date – if it goes the Barisan Nasional way – will be an important one in the country’s history.

It will be one that will not be forgotten for generations to come.

This is the date that will mark the people’s rubber-stamping of all the ills the country is suffering.

On May 9, the people will wake up with the BN having won the elections.

To be fair to the ruling party, they would have won with the people’s vote, in the end.

In my view, elections are a bit like football matches. The cheats, the fakes, the referee bias, the crowd vouching for their sides.

But there is also the missed opportunities, the lone players whose actions sink their team in the end.

What will it mean for the people’s rights? After May 9, the people will have an even lesser say.

They will not be able to question the BN on the running of their affairs.

Nevertheless, their vote for the BN will be a consolidation of the current state of opaque rule.

This will also seal BN’s grip on power but it risk deepening the racial divisions.

For many, it will be the opportunity to opt for the option of an exodus abroad.

But what will another 5, and possibly 50 years of BN rule mean for this ‘Islamic’ country?

The absolution of cheats, moving of goal posts and barring opponents from expressing freely will shape a new Malaysia.

This will also shape a new ‘Islamic’ way, or rather the un-Islamic way of running a country.

The new Mufti’s will have a hard time issuing fatwa’s (Islamic edicts) to condemn electoral cheats – which is not allowed in Islam.

They will also have a harder time to get four pairs of eyes to prove whether a PM received RM2.6 billion in his account.

Oh well, the current Mufti’s did not find it useful to issue edicts on whether a country’s leader can accept such payouts.

What will change in Malaysia then?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. What happened in the past nine years (Najib’s nine lives?) became the new normal.

There were scuffles here and there, some people were jailed for perjury others walked free from stupidity.

In the finality of things – nothing is final in politics – Najib’s rule is the rightful concretisation of a nation’s dream.

The dream of a powerful, incredibly rich and untouchable leader that came true.

Unless the results go the other way. That, my friends, will then be another story to tell.

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