MAS knew of thief syndicate operating on board its flights?

A thief syndicate is operating right on board some flights. But no one knew, except for stewards and cabin crew?

But it did not say anything. No press release, no announcements until a passenger who faced a robber on board a MAS flight posted his ugly experience on Facebook?

And then, there still are no official statements from MAS or MAB?

The story goes that a passenger, Faiz Mokhtar, who was on flight MH0751 from Ho Chi Minh City flying back to KL on 15/8/18, was surprised to find out that his laptop bag kept in the overhead cabin in the aircraft was stolen.

But the big issue is, the stewardess on board told the passenger there was a syndicate after the event. Malaysian Airlines did not find it necessary to warn its passengers of such a syndicate until a passenger caught someone in the act?

He wrote: Apparently, the crew informed us, there is a syndicate that has been conducting this modus operandi on China, Hong Kong and Vietnam flights. 

There is also another question. MAS knows which flights are affected by these pests. Yet they did not inform anyone?

The problem persists with the lack of a corporate statement on the incident. Do they think the police report made on-board the flight in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is sufficient?

Did it really solve the problem when the rest of the passengers on other MAS flight to the said destinations – China, Hong Kong and Vietnam flights – are safe when one person was caught in the act?

And there is another piece of information of great interest in the Facebook post of Mr Faiz. He states the alleged robber, a Chinese citizen, only had a one-way ticket to KL. He had no return flight ticket to China or elsewhere.

 “That guy was from Hong Kong and he is flying to KL with no return ticket, probably his route depends on his “loot”, wrote Faiz.

He also wrote that this syndicate is quite bold because once in-flight, “there is no cctv footage as proof” of their acts.

He even said there would be a conflict of which laws of the land is applicable in such cases as they’re considered to be in the international zone.

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