Pakatan means fight it out so they fighting it inside out!

Pakatan means fight it out so they fighting it inside out!

July 11, 2019 0 By WFTV


In politics, Pakatan means lets fight it out by joining forces.

However, now in real jargon, it may also mean we are together to fight each other.

Barisan would then mean we are lining up to fight each other for leadership roles and for appointments.

Gagasan, launched by the PAS, means an idea, a thought. That is to say they are still thinking of what to do next when they and if they conquer Putrajaya.

This will definitely mean a lot of squabbling and infighting because they have no real plan though Gagasan may also mean Pelan.

Back to Pakatan. The picture here in this article shows a lot of not so happy faces, not to say unhappy faces.

What really happened during the meeting between Pakatan leaders after Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad invited all Malay parties to join Bersatu?

Joining may have meant dissolving their parties to join as Bersatu members or joining Bersatu in a coalition of the willing.

If that is what it meant, that is form a coalition with Bersatu the party of Tun Dr Mahathir, would that not be funny?

Imagine Umno, PAS, Gagasan members, Sabah-Sarawak Malay Bumiputera parties forming a coalition with Bersatu while the party is a member of the ruling Pakatan coalition? Hilarious.

What was Tun Mahathir’s real intention or thoughts? Maybe Gagasan which is still in thought of a conception of a government, will help explain this mystery?

They are the ones (PAS) who met Tun Mahathir and told the Malaysians they informed the PM of a plot by PKR and DAP to call for a motion of no confidence against the PM.

So, Pakatan met this week and Anwar Ibrahim the PM to be, posted a photo of the leaders in some mood – with only Tun Mahathir grinning and Mat Sabu the Amanah leader with a squirk – while the rest seemed ‘terkejut’.

Did Tun Mahathir tell them his idea was to do a coalition of all Malay parties within the Pakatan?

That would have shocked both the PKR and the DAP. Because then Pakatan Harapan would look like this:

PKR, DAP, AMANAH and BERSATU plus UMNO, PAS. Funny ain’t it?

But if Tun Mahathir wanted to say all Malay parties dissolve and join Bersatu with him as boss, it has backfired as we know it already.