Haziq is only one who did not deny who is in the videos

Haziq is only one who did not deny who is in the videos

July 12, 2019 0 By User
haziq aziz

For whatever reason, we noticed that only Haziq Aziz came forward to say who and who is in the gay sex videos.

Whether we believe him is another matter.

The point is why is it that no one, absolutely no one, came forward to say the dear minister is not in the videos?

In a statement from his ministry, using the ministry’s letterhead the minister says the release of the videos is an attempt at character assassination.

Well, you need not issue a badly written press release because it does not address the real issue.

The minister could have staged a presser to tell the media and the people it is a conspiracy to hurt his political career – which we all knew at the time when the video came out is the case.

The press release directs the readers to one conclusion: It is a nefarious attempt against Azmin. A dirty trick played on him.

Most media in the country quickly concluded it was the minister’s denial of the act.

But no where in the release is there mention of ‘I am not in the video’.

This is disheartening to the least. It is also a bearer of many questions, unanswered.

Nevermind. But what about the Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad?

His first reaction – surprised by the media with the minister standing on his right – he asked if the reporter could brief him on the video which he had not seen.

Later he reacted to another media query saying he did not believe the video is true. “Do you believe it is true,” he asked the reporter.

He then says: “With technology now anyone can fabricate videos. Soon I may also be in one such videos.”

He also adds, “you can’t be that stupid.”

But he did not address the main concern of the entire populace: That is whether the person in the video is the minister.

Saying the video is fake is not that true though.

Experts say the video is an ‘original’ which means it is not a video that has been cut here and there and heads of people pasted on other people’s head and so on.

It is a video filmed as is, no editing done.

This is where Dr Mahathir and others are wrong.

Now the PKR also says the video published is an attempt to put the minister who is also a member of the PKR (we won’t engage in mudslinging by naming the minister) in a bad light.

It is an attack on his person and so on and condemns such tactics.

But in no statements did any PKR leader say it is not the minister.

The supporters of the minister who are ministers, party heads and division heads did not come out in droves to say it is not him in the video.

They only condemned the publication of the video, attacks the poor Haziq for his stupidly daring confessions and voiced total support for the dear minister.

Now, which is which?