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Najib gives gifts to royals, people pay for it?

Najib Razak says he paid for gifts to a royalty whose name he did not mention, adding that usually government pays for these.

If we understand the statement on Facebook, it is alright for Najib to spend millions in his credit cards to buy gifts for people.

is it also expected that government would refund such expenses?

How does it work exactly and who hands over the gifts?

In a letter he published on his Facebook page, the thanks went to his wife and ex-Flom Rosmah Mansor.

It was not a thank you to Najib or to the Malaysian government.

Did these royals think the gift was from the Najib’s or from Najib’s wife?

This is what it looks like based on the Facebook post by Najib who wanted to defend his spending of the RM3.3 million in one day.

Najib insists that Pakatan Harapan cannot be trusted.

He says people should not take the information publicised by PH as 100% real and it has selective targets.

That is why he wants his case to be transmitted live for the people to see and know the truth.

“Tapi PH tak mahu – PH do not want,” he says.

He adds this explanation will not be picked up by the television stations in Malaysia.

Fine. He is trying to say he is vindicated every time PH throw a ‘lie’ about him. But the question remains: Was the money he spent paid by money from SRC or from 1MDB? On that, he is very silent! Why? 66607348_10156209891620952_2865215808928219136_n

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