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Video Lucah: Not Azmin’s first

A source told The Malaysian Insight once the sex clips are authenticated and those in them identified, the police will go after those featured in clips for unnatural sex.

This is the important element in the story which talks of political ploy and the involvement of a senior PKR man in position in the distribution of the tapes.

Officially, the police did not say anything about the actors in the tapes, focusing their statements on the violation of laws in the distribution of the tapes.

The Insight story says there are different parts to the investigation.

“Part 1 of the investigations now is on the distribution of obscene material, an offence under Section 292A of the Penal Code, for which the nine are being investigated,” it says.

But Anwar Ibrahim says the priority for the public is to find out who are in the tapes and whether the tapes are genuine.

Anwar is yet to speak on Bersatu man Khairuddin Hassan who said if the Azmin tapes are to be verified and the actors determined, the same should be done for Anwar’s tapes.

Nevertheless, Insight source says behind this mastermind is ‘someone’ in the party.

“We believed the motive is to try and bring down the minister,” a police source told The Malaysian Insight.

Another source said everything in this case points to the involvement of those from one party, which he didn’t want to identify.

“The underlings in that party won’t come out with such a move. Obviously, there is someone behind them.  

“This is not rocket science. This is purely politics,” he said.

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