Rafizi Ramli’s suspenseful divorce rocks twitter

Rafizi Ramli’s suspenseful divorce rocks twitter

July 18, 2019 0 By WFTV

The famed whistleblower found a new niche online and it is not about unmasking new bad guys or some weird calculations on how to save fuel subsidies.

This time around he got the suspense going with a tale of an impending divorce.

A Twitter user:
Omg… hahaha thanks for making me laugh so early in the morning ??

One doctor says: Lol YB. You got me there… Nice one

A Twitter user: Dalam kes ni boleh rujuk balik ke? 

<< In this case, can (the divorce) be reconsidered? >>

It is certain the crowd of followers on Twitter were holding their breath till the end of the tweet.

Written in Malay, the post starts with the sad reality of divorces and hooks the reader leading them to perhaps think its a family drama.

Its the ending that’s palpitating says, several twitter users.

Now that you know it was not about a real life divorce drama and he had to pull a tooth for that matter, the divorce is settled.

But what made Rafizi the slayer of corrupt politicians adopt such a tone on Twitter?

It is not the first time he plays around with the sentiments of his followers and most of the tine he manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

The comments are hilarious and a tad appreciative of his clowning skills.

Some users are however unhappy that the man they probably love to hate for the perceived non-respect of the fuel, toll and food prices hangover (GST replaced with SST) has some shine and brilliance left in his political shelf life.

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