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Trump destroys Iran drone in a fiery display of US power

In a dazzling display of force, the American military squared off against the Iranians, shooting a drone that was acting provocatively.

Yesterday, the US Navy says it destroyed << provocative and hostile >> Iranian drone that flew within 1,000 yards of an American warship ship.

The military says it ignored warnings to retreat – as President Donald Trump claims it threatened the ship’s crew.

While it did not say if the crew were scrambling to find shelter, the report says the USS Boxer was travelling through the Strait of Hormuz when an Iranian drone closed on its position in international waters.

U.S. Navy communicated warnings and then brought the drone down after it came within 1,000 yards, says Daily Mail UK.

For US President Trump it was a << provocative and hostile >> act.

But the sharpshooters of the American army immediately destroyed the Iranian intruder, employing electronic signal-jamming.

Iran and the US are on their toes in the Gulf of Hormuz but Iran has the advantage in that area because it is mostly in its territorial waters.

The Americans can only act in international waters.

The US says it is very concerned about Iran’s dare to use commercial drones in its maritime surveillance.

Iran says it is protecting its waters and monitoring the offensive launched by the Americans in the international waters against Iranian interests.

The attack against the Iranian drone comes after Iran destroyed an American drone in the seas last month.

The American actions could also be linked to the seizure of a “foreign tanker” and its 12 crew by Iran on Sunday for smuggling fuel in the Gulf.

Iran’s state media published footage of Iranian speedboats circling around the Panamanian-flagged Riah tanker, which may have triggered the need for the US to respond against Iran.

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