Why not call for PKR emergency meeting?

Why not call for PKR emergency meeting?

July 19, 2019 0 By User

The PKR should call for an emergency meeting, with Minister of Economic Affairs Azmin Ali and the entire leadership of the party to discuss the latest revolt in party and the video implicating the party’s deputy president.

This is what people who are outside the party’s leadership and outside the party apparatus feels.

WFTV spoke to several individuals who believe in the party’s struggle for reform.

Their thought is the party president who is under attack from all quarters and from Azmin Ali himself should call for the emergency meeting.

They say they know for a fact that Azmin has avoided all party meetings and is sitting in his office or joining Parliament sessions in the hope the issue dies out.

But they also say a decision by the party’s leadership is needed.

PKR was founded on the basis of fighting for the truth contrary to what some party leaders are saying lately.

In other words, the party must face the facts. It has to be made clear within the party the video exists.

If the video exist, then an illicit same-sex act took place. If it took place and one PKR member confessed he is in the video (Haziq Aziz), and based on Azmin’s statement that << PKR is behind the release of the videos >> the party has to go down the matter and find the truth.

Azmin’s statement that PKR is behind it means he is well aware that the video exists.

Police did not determine if he is involved in the act, but people on the streets know who it is. This will hurt the party’s image even more than the scandal itself, that is if the party decides to protect Azmin and avoid a party meeting with Azmin sitting together to discuss the truth about it.

The voters are people who wants the truth, not the conspiracy theories.

For what we know so far, this matter will definitely go to the AG since there is a police investigation that has proven the video is authentic.

The ball will soon be on Tommy Thomas court and he will have to bear the burden of deciding if there will be a court case that will follow suit.

If there is a court case, Azmin will have to be called up and the videos will be used as evidence.

Once again, will PKR prove that its reformasi slogans are empty ones?

How is it possible that a minister is still in office if a case is in court and he is a witness?

The fact of the matter the party has to decide whether Azmin must be relieved of all his duties and functions.

“There’s no 2 ways about it,” many are saying.

If Keadilan wants the rule of Law, “NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW!” says Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.