This is why Trump loves Sadiq and Ilhan

This is why Trump loves Sadiq and Ilhan

July 21, 2019 3 By User

Mr Donald Trump has a way of getting support. He shows his perceived hatred for non-Whites but in actual fact, he loves to have smart opponents around him.

Without these smart people, it is not easy for him to rally support on the American domestic front.

In the US he has congresswoman Ilhan Omar to thank and in the UK he has London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Both are his favourite punching bags, without which he will not be able to get his mojo going to impress the local crowd.

And he does it so well that one will believe Trump is born just for that when he is actually born to be Donald.


Just by himself, Trump finds it difficult to pick a fight with dump people.

He has called most of his opponents or adversaries dumb or stupid and lame.

This does not give him the same creditworthiness that he gets when he attacks Ilhan.

He did not really have to retweet a video from far-right commentator Katie Hopkins to beef up support.

He did that to amuse himself and boost the far-right movement.

Hopkins supports Trump’s racist attacks on four US congresswomen.

But it is Ilhan Omar who is his favourite.

He says Omar must leave the US to go live in their country of origin.

<< Go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. >>

This prompted his supporters at a rally on Wednesday to chant “Send her back” referring to Ilhan Omar who is born in Somalia, got American citizenship and is the first scarf-wearing congresswoman.

On the British front, he likes to take jibes and knocks at London Mayor Sadiq Khan.


The fight between him and Khan has been on for some time, with Trump visiting London and attacking the Labour Party official.

“With the incompetent Mayor of London, you will never have safe streets!”

He accuses the mayor of failing in his duties to protect citizens in London due to the rise in knife crimes, terror attacks and other ‘failings’ in the English capital.

He ‘blames’ Khan for the Metropolitan Police Twitter hack.

And again, we believe Trump is loving it that he has the opportunity to have these people as easy targets.

His attacks ferment the rise of extremism and give fodder to the far-right in both Europe and the Americas.

But Trump denies his racist-laden tweets and aggressive composure against his opponents’ fuels racism.