Rihana Petra: Malaysians are cool!

Rihana Petra: Malaysians are cool!

July 23, 2019 1 By User

Saying ‘Allah may bless you all my friends’ Rihana Oksana, the ex-wife of the royal Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan won hearts in Malaysia.

“I believe God has better plans for you and Leon (the model’s baby name)”, is a message from an Instagram user in reply to Rihana Oksana’s post.

And there are many good responses to Rihana’s emotional posting.

Many Malaysians went all out to give their support and show their appreciation of the foreign talent.

Rihana wrote a post accompanied with a picture of herself carrying a baby in her arms. She did not show the face of the baby. See link below.

Here is a translation of the post:

“I’m writing and I cannot resist the tears from flowing … and I do not think it’s necessary to hold it, because it’s a cry of joy and gratitude!

“I still do not believe I receive so many messages from so many people from all over the world! And of course I want to tell all Malaysians: you are all great souls, for receiving and supporting me – a woman from a foreign country and growing up with different cultures.

“I am very proud of the blood of Malaysia flowing in my child and I will do anything for him to grow up with all your love. In my life, I had to face various kinds of struggles, deceit and malicious misfortunes. But you assure me that there is still good in this world.”

And of course I want to tell all Malaysians: you are all great souls, for receiving and supporting me

She adds if she had the chance, she would like to embrace her supporters with joy.

“Your support and encouragement are all valuable to me. Incoming login messages, I will continue to share my life with sincerity and honesty. May Allah bless you all, my friends!”

She also says the son is now two year’s old, has grown up quickly and is the happy bunch of her life.

Days ago, she posted a video of her and the Sultan.

The divorce was first made public by a New Straits Times article.