Can Anwar contain the split in PKR?

Can Anwar contain the split in PKR?

July 25, 2019 0 By WFTV

The video lucah (sex video) issue is not over and the investigation continues, keeping the suspense alive.

It also keeps the people busy with the guessing game, a great distraction to what is to come, perhaps.

But no one can deny that an attempt to break the PKR is in motion.

Political pundits are waiting for the inevitable and Anwar knows it unless the PKR leader is not in touch with reality.

No one can deny that a break-up of the PKR, predicted since December last year, will also break Pakatan Harapan.

It is the direct consequence expected from the war between two major factions in the PKR.

Anwar may have won the leadership tussle played by remote control, but he has a monumental task ahead.

In this developing scenario, Azmin Ali’s next move is crucial.

Will he support Anwar’s leadership or maintain the challenge against the boss with the support of some party MP’s?

As a matter of fact, with the official destruction of the cover of a parallel leadership in the party, loyalties are at stake.

Anwar is now aware of the challenge and of the existence of a group that is fermenting its own coup.

It is also possible the show of support for Azmin is a direct consequence of the freedom of expression practice.

The PKR is different from other political formation. Its leadership is more open to criticism and this allows dissent.

But there is abuse of the freedom to challenge and to express to the point a faction is born to overtake the ‘ruling’ faction.

This is where Anwar’s task is made more difficult.

Roping in the rogue elements who signed the document of support for Azmin will not be easy.

Many of them have only one thing in mind: Stay in power at all cost. They can deny this fact but we will see how many will quit the posts if the party splits.

One good sign — we hope is news that the initial number of 20 MP’s ready to jump ship from the PKR is reduced.

They were reportedly ready to form a new party or join Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s Bersatu.

Fresh reports put them at 15 but we cannot be certain with the unabated efforts made to break the PKR.

Nevertheless, it is needless to say there is no doubt if the breaking up happens mean another stoppage in Anwar’s PM bid.

What will Anwar do to keep the PKR together and subdue the ‘rebellion’?

He can promise better posts for the likes of Azmin, Zuraida Kamaruddin and some others in the event he becomes PM.

He may also make it possible for Azmin to be seen as the eventual successor in the PKR leadership challenge.

But if he faces resistance from the pro-Azmin grouping, there is the extreme possibility Anwar may chip them off the block.

The PKR leader has sufficient evidence of their collaboration with forces external to the party to undermine his leadership.

The party also has cause to clean its stable from greedy MP’s and ministers who have forgotten how to say the word ‘reformasi’.

Heads will roll but at this very moment, it appears Anwar will keep the party firmly in his grip.