Why is a free Najib bad news for Pakatan Harapan?

Why is a free Najib bad news for Pakatan Harapan?

July 30, 2019 1 By WFTV

A free Najib Razak is bad news for the government because the people see it as a failure and weakness of the Pakatan Harapan.

There is a backlash against the government which cannot win over Najib’s diehards because of its weaknesses.

It is also bad for its image that Najib can taunt the regime daily, giving the beaten Barisan Nasional fodder.

And Najib is not wrong in doing his best to maintain his image among his diehards.

Nor is he wrong to address Pakatan Harapan voters, to point out other weaknesses in the government.

His persistence means this is now spilling among the fence-sitters. More people are saying Pakatan now has a bad record in handling corruption and is weak in its legal system.

“Arrest him, put him behind bars and bring him to court to face the music,” says netizens.

They say Pakatan has missed the opportunities offered after its shock win in the 2018 elections.

They barred Najib from leaving the country but they let him loose, giving him a chance to portray a victimised image.

<<Najib is faster than Anwar Ibrahim in destabilising the new Mahathir Mohamad’s regime.>>

It took Anwar years to shake the BN establishment. Najib did it within months.

He led the BN campaign in by-elections, losing some but sharing victory in other by-elections.

Many had hoped the Pakatan under Mahathir would not make life easy for Najib.

“What we want is for them (Pakatan) to show they are up to the task. Their mishandling of the Najib court case is disheartening,” they say.

Najib is facing an accusation of multiple crimes from money laundering to abuse of power.


He has a few diehards running themselves under the bus in his defence.

But he still has a large following pumped up by the #Bossku campaign.

But this popularity is also about disgruntled Malaysians who feel Pakatan has betrayed their trust.

Not dealing with Najib the popular way has damaged the Pakatan. For the masses, a fair hearing in the 1MDB trail is Najib in an orange suit.

<<For the public is simple and easy… for the wrong doing arrest him, try him, penalise him.>>

“In failing to do so the ball reflects back on the person accusers. And the people will react accordingly. You will see,” says an analyst.


To the public, Pakatan has also shown incompetence in dealing with Najib. Postponing the 1MDB case shows the incompetence level, they say.

“The court case (SRC International) is taking too long to wrap up. This makes the public wonder about the foundations of the case itself.

“It is a sign of incompetent lawyers to rest their case,” says the analyst.

It is certain the repercussions will be terrible on the Pakatan with the incompetence of lawyers with doubts on the judicial system.

“The law is to protect the well-being of the citizen. But in Najib’s case, people do not see it this way.

“There are other incidences where people did not see just causes being upheld,” WFTV was told.

Take the Adib case and the gay-sex video case. People are asking whether these were handled the right way?