From flying cars to ‘mobile’ motorcycle starter pack

From flying cars to ‘mobile’ motorcycle starter pack, the Malaysians seem divided and rather cold on technological changes or do they want only touch and go tech.

Malaysians shot down a third national car, a flying car some say, and are not so positive to start a motorcycle with a key card.

Twitter was abuzz with a student doing the unthinkable in Malaysia. He posted a video in which he starts a motorcycle with a key card and a mobile phone.

He drew a mixed response from Twitter users, with some saying it’s not a practical way to start the engine.

Malaysians are always in a hurry, keeping a tab on time is not their usual habit. The saying goes there is more to the so-called ‘Indian time’ in Malaysia.

Rushing out of their homes, the locals apparently like a quick start to their motors, to hurry out to their chores and ventures.

This is the impression given by some Twitter users who dismissed the student’s feat as unpractical.

But the effort got the applause from the ever-supportive youth and sports minister Syed Sadiq.

Bila anak muda “picit picit” di Family mart, viral se-Malaysia.

Sepatutnya inovasi yang dibawa oleh adik ini yang diviralkan!

Banyak benda baik yang anak muda buat tidak dihebahkan, tetapi bila ada kesilapan yang dibuat, satu dunia tahu.

Teruskan berinovasi. Itu lah anak muda.

— Syed Saddiq (@SyedSaddiq) July 28, 2019

Nevertheless, the chop of approval from the youngest minister in the world does not get Malaysians going in viral support for the initiative.

Some say, “This looks clever, but impracticable because if want to rush out have to open the seat first then put the ID card. This
Another user does not bring any benefits.”

Another user twitted on the practicality of the key card. They say it is easy to misplace the card for those who like to hold the real keys in their hands.

But it does not seem all the excuses will prevent the advancement of technology in Malaysia.

The country needs to move on to the next level of industrial and technological revolutions.

The original post on Twitter from Wadeehe @thefaizamini says “Kolej kau bukak pintu guna kad? Kolej aku start motor guna app dan kad gais. 2 way function gaiss. Kasi viral gaiss.”

It says, “At your college, you open the door using the key card? At my college, we start we the motor using an app and key card guys. It has a two-way function Make it viral guys.”

In the past, a 14-year-old went on to create a power bank on his own this time the group of students turns motorcycles on using apps and ID cards.

@TheFaizAmini says the project is still in the prototype stage meaning there is still room for improvement.

The motorcycle has an Arduino (an open-source hardware and software device) mounted on the compartment.

<<The innovation also grabbed the attention of Syed Saddiq.>>

@SyedSaddiq says the innovation brought by ‘this little brother’ deserve applause. “Many good things that young people do are not publicized, but when things go wrong, the world knows,” the minister lamented.

“Keep innovating. That’s what the youth is all about.

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