Shameem deported from Dubai after horror arrest

Shameem deported from Dubai after horror arrest

July 31, 2019 0 By User

After a couple of nights in jail in Dubai, Shameem Korimbocus popularly known as Shameem Oneonly is on his way to Mauritius.

He is on his way to Plaisance Airport and is to reach Mauritius tomorrow morning.

A source says he will board an Emirates Airlines flight to Mauritius after the deportation order against him.

He responded to police summons in Dubai to a station where they blindfold him and he was under arrest.

With the police giving no reason for his arrest but in Mauritius people are saying Dubai is treating him like a terrorist.

Another source says to WFTV the arrest is after his comments on a RS95 million stadium deal. We have no information what he could have said on this matter.

<<“They can shut my mouth, but not my thoughts. Mark my words, karma will hit the one behind this. Their is only one Shameem ‘Oneonly.”>>

This is Shameem’s comment last year to WFTV after his release from the Dubai stranglehold.

The stadium was to host some football (soccer) matches during the recently ended Indian Ocean Games or JIOI.

The state of the pitch at the stadium and the seating became a major issue, says netizens.

WFTV has information saying the police did look into claims made on Facebook in particular regarding the George V stadium.

Sources tells WFTV the authorities is not happy with comments from netizens on the stadium and the RS95 million expenditure to fix it.

The stadium is supposed to be ready before the games. But heavy rain apparently caused much damage to the pitch.

The schedule of final of the football segment during the JIOI was Saturday 27 July. Mauritius and Reunion Island played the match on Sunday 28 instead.

And it took place at another venue. Mauritius lost to Reunion Island after failing to score any of the 5 penalties after extra time.

<<Reunion Island scored only one penalty in a horrible spot kick showdown.>>

Shameem, also known as Shameem One Only, is a popular netizen with thousands of following on Facebook.

Late last year, Dubai police took him in with warnings to stop being critical of the government in Mauritius.

He was ordered to stop making comments about the government in Mauritius, which he obeyed for sometime.

Last year, an ex-Minister gave instructions to the Dubai government to harass the Mauritian online star, says Mauritians on Facebook.

But he could not stay silent after what netizens call a fiasco at the George V stadium.

No one really knows who is behind a request for his deportation, but he has no case in Mauritius and will return a free man.

In an interview last year, Shameem did tell WFTV his Facebook posts is to disturb the powerful people of Mauritius.

It looks like he got the message through to the powerful political figures in the country.