We do not know where Najib hides the money: Mahathir

We do not know where Najib hides the money: Mahathir

August 1, 2019 0 By WFTV

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says ex-PM Najib Razak has hidden missing 1MDB money and Malaysia has no idea where to find it.

We know that Dr Mahathir’s intent is to get all the 1MDB money back and to close this ugly chapter in Malaysia’s history.

But if some of the money is untraceable it means the plan to take the money away from Malaysia was more elaborate.

In an interview with TRT of Turkey, Dr Mahathir says he do not know where Najib hides the money.

“What he (Najib) did was to borrow huge sums of money. If you borrow money and invest it, we can trace the money and get it back.

“But the money has disappeared. Obviously he has hidden the money or someone is holding the money,” he says.

He adds that his government is trying to get Najib to explain why the money is totally lost.

But Najib is claiming he did not take the money and it was a gift and all kinds of ridiculous explanations given.

<<Yet he is not telling ‘us where he has kept the money.>>

Najib has consistently been in denial in the 1MDB scandal, the biggest kleptocracy scandal in the world.

The 1MDB, according to Swiss authorities and the US Department of Justice, is the biggest money laundering scandal in history.

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Najib’s stepson and the son of his wife Rosmah Mansor pledged to return assets acquired from 1MDB funds.

Riza Aziz made a movie, The Wolf of Wall Street which got funds from 1MDB masterminds.

A close friend or contact of Najib, Jho Low is fighting the accusations of being a mastermind from his hideout.

He is sending well articulated messages and press releases to the media to attack Dr Mahathir and his government.

Interestingly, he calls them incompetent, dictatorial and says they are illegally seizing his assets.

Many people believe Jho Low is the person holding some of the 1MDB money stolen from Malaysia.

As a matter of fact, the courts are yet to prove this point.

Najib is facing a lengthy trial involving one of the companies linked to the 1MDB, the SRC International Sdn Bhd.

However, the CEO of that company is also one of the mastermind in the 1MDB saga, says officials.

Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, the SRC CEO has gone missing, hiding in Indonesia the day after the Pakatan Harapan won the elections.

Nevertheless, he has since then gone out of the radar. The police does not seem to know where he is.

There are talks Najib is being given enough time to sort out whether he will give in to hand the loot back.

On the contrary, he is fighting hard to get the cases terminated by filing injunctions over injunctions.

These are delaying the cases and giving him more time out at the expense of the public.

Consequently, will Dr Mahathir succeed in getting Najib to admit his guilt or will Najib accept a jail term?