MSM-ML risk big in the deportation of Shameem

The MSM-ML regime risk big with the deportation of Shameem Korimbocus from Dubai and stopping him poking fun is tough.

The country changed the ICT laws making it tougher for netizens to have total freedom to criticise political figures. The laws are untested and no incidence has taken place for locals to challenge the constitutionality of the amendments.

The deportation of Shameem is still a mysterious one. Facebook star Shameem who annoys the political class using the handle Shameem OneAndOnly

In an interview with TelePlus Shameem says it will now get more interesting. He means he will be more vocal and will have better chances to ridiculing both the politicians and the corny situations they create.

But many are asking if he is not in danger of getting arrested and bullied since he is now in Mauritius. Concerns are whether he will be more cautious and less ‘graphic’ against the targeted subjects.

Some believe if he remains within the norms there is little risk that the authorities will curb his jokes.

His impossibility to resist poking fun at politicians may open the doors to challenging the ICT Act amendments.

After the first ‘arrest’ in Dubai last year, Shameem’s Facebook page ‘La Verite Ki Pou Deranze Zot’ lost traction. The Dubai authorities warned him not to use the page while on Dubai soil, some say.

He then resorted to using his personal Facebook page to post comments, videos and poke fun at political misdeeds.

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