Flying cars? What about the crashing flying van in the UK?


Caught on a dashboard camera, the footage shows a van vaulting over a roundabout with an 18-year-old kid driving.

But many claims the video is a fake.

Well, many are claiming to have flying cars but we did not see any of them.

In the UK, at least, they got the flying van but its crashing down should worry some.

Will flying cars also crash to earth?

The van, a silver Citroen races along a dual carriageway but did not stop and ends up in the air before making a fall.

It launches 12ft into the air.

The video has so far got 2.7 million views, has split the internet – with many commentators saying it is a fake.

But motorists who stopped to help says the boy was taken out of the van after rescuers cut it open.

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