When the 40 thieves want a new Ali Baba: They unite

When the 40 thieves want a new Ali Baba: They unite

August 4, 2019 0 By WFTV

Ali Baba and the 40 thieves is a weird story on its own, but the Malaysian version is even weirder and here we tell you why.

The real Ali Baba story is one of thieving, greed and vengeance. But all along, the 40 thieves have a leader who dies at the very end of the story.

Ali Baba, a woodcutter, is also a thieving fellow, but he only stole from the thieves. He took a small loot from their famous cave but his greedy brother found out and forced him to reveal the secret.


All the elements of the Ali Baba story are in place in the Malaysian kleptocracy scandal.

In the real story, there a Morgana who is the backbone of the plots and who saves Ali Baba many times. But remember, the real Ali Baba is a humble, poor and hardworking person.

The difference is the local thieves have a fugitive businessman. He is the alleged mastermind of the loot of the century.

Morgana is a kind and intelligent woman who helps Ali Baba defend his family and the loot from the revengeful 40 thieves. But she could not prevent the murder of Ali Baba’s brother Cassim who forgot the password to cave’s entrance.

The thieves found Cassim in the cave and killed him.

The other twist in the Malaysian Ali Baba story is the chief here is out of business.

The key to the cave is now in the hands of a new team. The key to the cave is now in the hands of a new team. https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Azreey&action=edit&redlink=1

He is caught early and is facing his destiny while many of the ’40’ thieves are still at large.

So, to make their life easier the members of the gang of 40 thieves are going around plotting to undermine Ali Baba.

In the real Ali Baba story, it is Morgana who plays the role of masquerading and destroying the plots set by the thieves.

In the Malaysian story, the anti-kleptocracy squad has its Morgana, going after the looted money. But this Morgana does not do the same job as the original one. She is only a crime fighter, not a slayer.

Yet, with Morgana now in action in Kuala Lumpur, the thieving elements are constantly changing the plot.

They tried the evil plan of chipping the stone at Ali Baba’s house, but it failed though many people showed up for them.


The leader in Malaysia’s story says the ‘bigots’ has attempted to bring down the house. They are still trying.

They even went to see the highest leader of the house.

One wonders what they were discussing to the point the leader of the house refuses to give details. This leaves other members of the house hungry for information from a regime that professes freedom of information.

But what we understand is the representatives of the 40 thieves have lost the code word for the entrance to the cave.

The loot is still out there, it seems, and they want to lay their hands on it.

So they might have proposed for the leader of the new house to join them as the new ‘Ali Baba’.

In this scenario, the Ali Baba will be the folkloric bad guy as we know he is according to urban legends. People keep saying ‘Ali Baba and his 40 thieves’. But poor Ali, he only wanted to take a bit of the loot to feed his family.

He made it up to history in the real story by marrying Morgana to his son who became his brother’s business manager.

Will the Malaysian Ali Baba make it up to history by getting rid of the 40 thieves?

We can imagine the conversation at the table when the reps of the thieves met the leader of the house. They would have said something like, ‘You don’t know the password to the cave?.”

Perhaps they were hoping the leader of the house would reply “Sesame”. But he apparently said: Shazam! and he changed into Malaysia’s Captain Marvel.