Understanding Kashmir: Annexation and submission

Understanding Kashmir: Annexation and submission

August 9, 2019 0 By WFTV

Indian solidier pressing foot on a Kashmiri caught during anti-India demonstrations

From annexation to complete submission, this is happening in Indian occupied Kashmir and this has angered Muslims across the world.

India is facing accusations of adopting Israel’s policies in occupied Palestine or pursuing an evil plan to displace Kashmiris.

But the BJP of PM Narendra Modi seems to have it under control for now. It forced the territory under lockdown dramatically increasing the number of soldiers.

But did the Kashmiris running the territory under India’s control play into the BJP’s hands without realising it?


The BJP gave a series of reasons why it scrapped the special rights given to Kashmir.

It says the territory is a hotbed for the insurgency. It also cites unfair treatment for Kashmiri women with laws barring them from land ownership.

A Kashmiri woman marrying an outsider cannot own land because it is unlawful for non-Kashmiris to buy land there.

But there are also talks of pressure on the BJP to cancel the privileges given to Kashmir, which many sees as unfair.

On the other hand, the special rights and autonomy accord have always been a ‘temporary measure’, reports say.

The BJP does not have a good history of friendliness towards Muslims. It’s members —zealots for sure— are those who razed the Babri Mosque to the ground.

It was a landmark moment in India for the anti-Muslim movements who get protection from the BJP.

Needless to say, it is public knowledge the BJP is not pro-Islam.

Hence, many are saying the Modi administration is acting against the only Muslim majority region with spite.

But the Modi government says the scrapping of the special rights and autonomy will now spur development in the region.

In response, the Muslims in Kashmir are saying this is utter nonsense because it is the heavy presence of the Indian army that causes Kashmir’s problems.


How do the rest of the international community see the Indian Kashmir situation?

Most countries are cautioning India not to act abruptly and to make known its real intentions.

The British believe India is treading into dangerous waters and this may explode in New Delhi’s face.

Kashmir concerns not only India. It is also a territory where Pakistan and China have a say.

A Financial Times map shows how three regional players ‘own’ Kashmir.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 8.56.02 PM

To understand the Indian Kashmir situation is to understand the initial agreement between New Delhi and the original ‘owner’.

Part of Kashmir became Indian territory after Pakistani irregulars invaded Kashmir forcing its Maharaja to call for help.

He turned to India, and as a condition to send troops to save his kingdom, New Delhi’s demand was for it to agree to join India.

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