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Russia beats them all: Sends gun-toting humanoid into space

Russia beats them all: Sends gun-toting humanoid into space in a first in human history and this should not remain untold.

Of course, it is not the first robot sent into space or visiting the International Space Station.

Nevertheless, the new with it is this robot can fire two guns at the same time. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

And with an accuracy that no human can reach. Is it a danger to space visitors and space workers on the ISS?

No. The robot is not coded to attack humans in space. Not yet. Once they meet the Borgs from Star Trek, they will. Perhaps.

However, the first humanoid robot was sent by Nasa in 2011. It is nowhere to be found.

Fedor, the Russian humanoid who can shoot, will carry out jobs that would be too risky for humans to undertake.

The Independent UK says Japan sent a miniature humanoid robot called Kirobo in 2013 before returning to Earth 18 months later. 

In 2018, Airbus and IBM teamed up to send a “flying brain” to the ISS. Interestingly, the ‘brain’ had an advanced Watson artificial intelligence technology.


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