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Warlords in politics is a bad omen in a democracy

Warlords in politics is a bad omen in a democracy because it creates a division in political parties while the divisionists claim it is their democratic rights.

Malaysia is an example of this type of political shenanigan. It was an established factor during the reign of the Barisan Nasional. It is now creeping in the Pakatan Harapan regime.

Pakatan leaders will deny that warlords have emerged within the coalition in power. But this is not how the public sees things. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

A recent exposure of the warlords in Malaysia manifested itself after the gay-sex scandal that hit the PKR or the Justice Party.

Breaking the rules

The Pakatan regime broke all the rules that it stands for when it kept the minister accused of gay-sex in government.

This is undoubtedly a setback for democracy in the country. They followed what the Barisan Nasional was doing. As a matter of fact, the BN did take some drastic actions against a number of ministers over the years.

They diverted in the long run and they ended in the opposition because the people rejected their diversion.

Unfortunately, the Pakatan failed the test. When the sex video came out, the government should have dismissed the minister, carried out an investigation and re-instate him if he is not guilty.

Anwar Ibrahim and Prime Minister Dr Mahathir – the waiting game is on: Picture Credit: Anwar Ibrahim Twitter

But the warlords held the regime hostage. They could not accept losing their blue-eyed boy. They do not want to give an edge to the genuine leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Instead, they went against the party leadership, accusing them of plotting the downfall of Mr Blue-eyed.

They have the numbers in the Justice Party and though Anwar won the leadership tussle; he is not safe from their misdemeanour.

Summoning Anwar

Now the warlords have summoned the party leader to come and meet them to discuss ‘reconciliation’. This after denying they were revolting against the leader.

They also denied they are part of a plot — albeit rumoured — that their group leader is bidding to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

If they were not fighting for this prized position, then why did they go against their leader?

As a matter of fact, they divided the party at its core. This tells Malaysians they do not want their leader as PM. They even gave support for the current PM, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to remain as PM for a full 5-year term.

In all parties, the logic is, the members support the leader to become the PM, not the contrary. Nevertheless, only threatened warlords will undermine their own party leader.

However, we cannot say Anwar is weak or has no control over his party. By all means, this is a fallacy. He won the contest with an upper hand with the number of divisions across the country supporting him.

The same divisions showed that Azmin Ali is not up to it in a battle of giants, simply because he is no giant.

Warlords in politics is a bad omen in a democracy because it creates a division in political parties while the divisionists claims it is democratic rights.
Azmin Ali supports Dr Mahathir as full term PM while his party PKR made a deal for Mahathir to leave by next year! _ Credit:

Nonetheless, this is how everyone discovered the existence of the warlords who are summoning the leader.

Defeated in their quest to prevent him from taking over from Dr Mahathir and defeated in their fight against him, they are still adamant.

By all means, this does not augur well for PKR and for PH. They hold the cards in their hands and they can destroy the coalition in power if they decide to swing their votes towards the greedy opposition.

Gay-sex scandal

For those who do not know the story, a gay-sex scandal hit the PKR or Justice Party of Malaysia in June.

A few days after the Eid el Fitr, a series of gay-sex videos were released, and they went viral. A man who claims he is in the video accused a minister in the government saying he is also in the video.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister supported the minister dismissing the video as ‘fake’. He said with technology, anyone can do such videos.

He also said he too may appear suddenly in such ‘fake’ videos.

But later on, a police investigation found the video is not a fake video and that it is, henceforth, genuine. But they could not determine if the two actors are the minister and the aide who denounced him.

The party sacked the aid. The minister did not get the sack. The minister instead gave full support to Dr Mahathir to remain as PM while his party is pushing for the PM to quit by next year. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Infighting in PKR takes another turn with secrecy on sex-video

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