What does MASE COMMERCE AMSTERDAM NL have to do with MAS?

What does MASE COMMERCE AMSTERDAM NL have to do with MAS?

August 31, 2019 0 By User

We know that Malaysia Airlines has a dodgy business model. It is not a successful company and the politikus are after it to perform.

We also heard of allegations it is a cash cow, used as a model to generate hush funds for some politicians. We now hear that this was in the past.

Malaysia Airlines is moving into a different direction where profitability will be at its core.

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But there are many questions on its past operations. One raised by blogger Ganesh Sahathevan shows an interesting link to a potentially explosive story.

In the aftermath of the MH17 incident, inquiries uncover an unknown entity in Amsterdam

The MH17 incident brought some disturbing findings got the blogger questioning the existence of an unknown entity.

The blogger says Malaysian taxpayers would want to get answers, given the Malaysian Government funding got the airline going for the past 30 years.”

He is talking of the Perram J’s findings in the Gibson v Malaysian Airline System Berhad (Class Membership) [2019] FCA 1399 (28 August 2019) inquiry.


A ticket bought online by a Dr Dyczynski shows that the Dr was in Australia at the time of purchase, but the ticket was issued by Malaysia Airlines office in Kuala Lumpur.

It also shows the issuing agency was an entity called ‘M A S E COMMERCE AMSTERDAM NL’ located in the Netherlands.

Hence, Mr Sahathevan says this would be of interest to anyone who has had reason to analyse MAS’s earnings and business over the decades.

“The existence of MASE COMMERCE AMSTERDAM NL is not widely known (if at all) and it does raise the question whether there are other such entities that MAS employs or has employed for the collection of its revenue.”

There are then issues of shifting revenue to jurisdictions other than those in which MAS is assumed to conduct its business.

“MAS has had a visible presence in Australia for many years and the finding that Australia is not the  “airline’s place of business ”  will come as a surprise to many (despite the legal basis for the finding).”

He asks if the revenue earned by entities such as MASE COMMERCE AMSTERDAM NL is coming back to Malaysia, or is it going elsewhere?

“Is there a discrepancy between earnings booked in Malaysia and actual cash earnings?” he asks.

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