Why you should try the Hermes expensive savattes?

Why you should try the Hermes expensive savattes?

September 4, 2019 0 By WFTV

Why should you buy the Hermes slippers? That should be the headline you may think. But is it not the whole point that is why buy Hermes slippers?

It’s a flip-flop says some, but it may also be an act of rebellion or revenge, for others.

Though, we all know the people who would actually buy such an art piece are probably the crazy ones.

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But we wanted to tell you this story to keep you wondering why would anyone want to buy a pair of slippers at a whopping £335?

Not many people, you would reckon. And Hermes is going through hell with a barrage of criticism over the flop.

The designer label calls it up-market flippers. Critics say it is an up-market flip-flop.

On its website, the French fashion house claims the designer sandals come with “technical straps.”

Critics are not impressed and the terms are now part of the amusement for social media users.

They say it looks like a pair of cheap sandals. But we believe that is the whole point of Hermes strategy.

But do you need a strategy to push a cheap-looking-sandal?

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We think for Hermes it is just a normal thing to do. They got the name, the fame and the bucks. People who got the money will definitely buy the product.

Les Savattes

This means they got the market and the demand for it.

Why buy real ‘savattes’ for £2 when you can afford the Hermes?

 Hermes £335 designer offering
Hermes £335 designer offering

If you found it interesting to read this piece, why not try the sandal next time?

See if it has real ‘technical straps’ and what difference does it make to your prized toes?

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For those who have no clue what is ‘savattes’, please do write to us.