A public display of the multifaceted use of drones in business

A public display of the multifaceted use of drones in business

September 16, 2019 0 By User

The Malaysian technology company, The Kambyan Network’s training arm organized “JUST DRONE IT” event with the main focus of educating and knowledge sharing for the public.

Focusing on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems or DRONES, there were many different models featured in the event.

Drones and Robots which may have started as toys and a hobby, today they serve a higher purpose in many industries especially the manufacturing, agricultural, oil and gas and logistics field.

Rising above the machines we had two guest speakers at the Tech talk session.

Associate Prof. Dr Sagaya Amalathas who is the Programme Director from Taylors University explained how Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are digital skills relevant in the future of the workforce.

She said it was not only for the youths but also for working adults who need to up-skill themselves.

On the aerospace front, Mr David Cirulli from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Singapore talked about the exciting developments that are coming up in High Altitude Platforms and Urban Airmobility.

Participants were mainly hobby enthusiast who started their own business of sharing gadgets with other likeminded individuals creating a community. Some of them were groups like KamiKakiDrone, DroneEmpire and Planet

Airborn Laser Cutter

The star of the event “AleX“ Airborne Laser Cutter (ALC) Mark 1 is the Laser Harvesting Drone weighing 3 kg and is approximately 0.7m in diameter.

AleX is a prototype which has been researched and developed by Kambyan Network since 2018.

AleX has been developed by a group of young engineers who are keen to solve the main issues faced by the Palm Oil plantation owners in Malaysia, harvesting.

Also on show was the Joyance Fertiliser Spraying Drone which is being introduced locally.

These drone models, are mainly used in the agricultural industries, which Kambyan Network is revolutionising by introducing a whole new Digital Agricultural system.

Says Captain Sudhir, Group Executive Director of the Kambyan Network said, “Logically thinking as the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) is here and all industries are moving towards using Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics within the near future, remember Moore’s Law, it is still relevant, only that we are at a point where the materials we have today have reached their mature life and are expiring.

“This means just like the iron and bronze ages; the silicon age is over. It is an age where new materials are enveloping and breaking all rules.

“To be relevant in this current time we need to create new paradigms ahead of time as life on earth would have totally evolved for compatibility with life on Mars or asteroids. It is coming and the Future is Now! So our training style and education systems must evolve, we cannot afford to be irrelevant! This is the difference of an Adroit graduate compared to any other College graduate” he further adds.