How are the dictators using democracy to bully you?

How are the dictators using democracy to bully you?

September 18, 2019 0 By User

How do you vote for dictators, without you knowing whether they are dictators abusing the democratic system to win power and bully your entire nation?

In the United States, the President has superpowers. But he is not called a dictator. They do not like this word in the West.

In the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister calls the shot and he can even get the Queen to suspend the Parliament.

His opponents call it a ‘dictatorial’ move, but this is not a term described in the move to suspend the Parliament. Hence it is not a valid one.

But it is a valid one if a third-world nation’s leader (Prime Minister of President or King) behaves like a dictator.


Robert Mugabe passed away last month. He is a dictator according to Western media and some third-world media.

What qualifies him as a dictator? Did he rule for many years with an iron fist? Well, the iron got rusted and he was removed from power.

Margaret Thatcher the first woman PM in the UK was called at times, the iron-fist lady. She was never called a dictator perse, though she did act like one, at times.

The current PM of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad is called a dictator. A term he enjoys because with his sarcasm, he dubbs himself ‘dictator’ and teases the English for that.

Dictatorship Countries 2019

But he is one dictator who left power on his own accord to only reconquer it after the PM he chose failed the country.

Yet, he is now dictating the reformasi movement in power to rule on his own terms. He is being dictatorial, at times.

Maduro or Trump?

Do you think President Donald Trump is dictatorial? Or should this title be given to people like President Sisi of Egypt, who is a friend of Donald?

Or to the successor of Hugo Chavez, Nicolás Maduro? He is not a friend of Donald.

But what really makes a politician a dictator? Do they have to be Hitler? Or Idi Amin Dada?

The Wall Street Journal says these Western leaders and despots were somehow good ‘dictators’. They are rulers like France’s Louis XIV, Russia’s Peter and Catherine the Great, and Prussia’s Frederick the Great.

This is part one. Part 2 is coming soon.