Ahead in ‘sentiments’ poll, MMM will not ally with MSM for ‘remake’

Ahead in ‘sentiments’ poll, MMM will not ally with MSM for ‘remake’

October 16, 2019 1 By User
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The party of Paul Berenger, the MMM, will not ally with the MSM-ML for a ‘remake’ of the alliance that brought the MMM leader to the PM post.

The party will also reject any calls or approach from the Labour Party for an alliance. It is too late for the other parties to get in the MMM bandwagon, a source told WFTV in Port Louis.

In principle, the source said, the MMM earlier rejected an attempt by the MSM of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth to get the party in an alliance.

Berenger said in several media conference that he will not accept any talks with the MSM. He did not say if the MSM approached him. Our information is that MSM agents tried to get in touch with the MMM, but they were rejected.


The Nov 7 elections is a difficult task for the MSM-ML regime headed by the inexperienced Pravind hence they wanted the MMM to form an alliance.

For the MMM, which has a lead in terms of ‘sentiments’ among electorates, the party will not make the same mistake it did in 2014, WFTV was told.

The MMM has regained lost ground after several members of the party quit to join the MSM. This was seen by the general public as a betrayal and the MMM is currently bathing in sympathy.


The MMM has presented its list of 60 candidates. Many did not believe the party will do that. Not that it does not have manpower, but they thought Berenger would go in an alliance.

Some people are saying the MMM will change course before the nomination day. Our source tells us, this is not going to happen unless Berenger wants a collapse of the MMM.

But the old fox Berenger has learned his lesson from the 2014 mistake when he decided against advice from the ground to join the Labour government.

The party was trashed in the elections and did not recover in the Municipality elections or in the by-elections won by the Labour candidate Arvind Boolell.

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Of course, New Delhi would wish the MMM to go into an alliance with the MSM. WFTV ran an article two years ago on the wishes of New Delhi.

One of the wishes was that Pravind Jugnauth, the MSM leader, should call for snap polls. The other wish was the MSM and MMM should work in an alliance for the elections.

Both did not happen. Sir Aneerood Jugnauh met with Berenger in private to discuss terms and conditions of an alliance.

Indeed, the MMM did not want Pravind as PM. This became the bone of contention.

If SAJ was hoping that Berenger will change his mind about Pravind, he was wrong, though Berenger gave him hope that he might consider alliance if Pravind is cleared at the Privy Council.

But Berenger did say he does not believe the Privy Council really cleared Pravind from wrong-doing in the Med Point affair, which he says remains a big scandal.

With New Delhi seeing its options limited, it had no choice but to support Pravind but with a dose of caution, leaving the doors open for a possible MMM, or Labour government in the future.


Our sources say there will be no remake of the MMM-MSM alliance but the MMM will be prepared to work in an alliance with the party that wins the elections. That is if the MMM did not get the majority of seats.

However, Berenger is confident the MMM will do better than 2014 and will win more seats despite the earlier groundswell support for the Labour Party.

The Labour got a massive crowd for its May 1st rally, the MMM also had a huge crowd. But May 1 is far away now.

At this moment, the MMM is hoping it can win more seats than 2014 and repeat its former glory with 18-21 seats. Berenger believes the party can win more!

Since there is little hope the MSM could pull a surprise victory on November 7th, the MMM would not consider working with them even in the opposition, the source told WFTV.

But since a week is long in politics, let us wait and see what happens until the nomination day!

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