MMM with 36 new candidates, saying MSM is a ‘political cadaver’

MMM with 36 new candidates, saying MSM is a ‘political cadaver’

October 18, 2019 0 By WFTV

The MMM is competing in its 11th general elections in Mauritius and the party is marking the events with 36 new candidates in a mix of new and veteran politicians.

“In all leftist parties, we have a large number of educationists as candidates and we do have the same at the MMM.

“This is a good thing and an extraordinary thing. We also have candidates from all walks of life, lawyers, doctors, artists and activists,” said Paul Berenger, the leader of the MMM.

Leading the charge for the ‘women’ wing of the party is Arianne Navarre Marie, who is a candidate in the constituency number 1 in Port Louis.

The party presented the candidates to the media, with Berenger calling them to the podium.

The MMM is also breaking from traditions with a non-Hindu candidate in the No 5 constituency which has the biggest number of voters in Mauritius.

Joanna Berenger (centre), the daughter of Paul Berenger is a candidate

Berenger said the party will campaign for a stronger fight against the proliferation of drugs in the country.

The MMM is the only party with 60 candidates for the 20 constituencies in Mauritius.

It is not the first time the party is competing in all the constituencies which are part of the party’s history.

Berenger, a veteran political figure from Mauritius who is battling
for a return of his party as the biggest party in the country.

“The MMM is satisfied with the response from the electorate in general. We are the first party to come out with 20 credible measures, and we have presented our list of candidates (official) before any other parties,” Berenger said.

He put emphasis on the list of candidates and on the democratic principles of the party which gave confidence to the people that not all politicians are not rotten as some say.

Berenger also said the MSM-ML regime has betrayed the people is on its way out.

In a response to a question from the media quoting the Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth saying the MSM will not allow the MMM to ride on its back, Berenger said:

“How to ride on a cadaver?” with massive laughter from the audience, referring to the MSM as a ‘politically’ dead organisation.