Klopp ‘clipped’ at Old Trafford

Klopp ‘clipped’ at Old Trafford

October 21, 2019 0 By User
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Once again, Liverpool failed to take advantage of everything is in its favour to whack Manchester United at Old Trafford.

There is no bitter way of leaving Old Trafford with a 1-1 draw when Man Utd is at its lowest in decades.

The Man Utd team is probably at its weakest with main team player Pogba out of action and the club sitting near the danger zone in the Premier League.

And this is not all. Liverpool is the best team in the entire world right now, winning major trophies last season while Man Utd sulked in all competitions.

It also won all the matches in the league before the fatal travel to Old Trafford where Marcus Rashford showed he can still score.

The result is gripping for Liverpool’s boss, Jurgen Klopp, who did not accept the draw and complained about many things.


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He also complained about the tactics used by the Manchester United team but he did not understand one thing: Manchester United is not Brasil.

Now, why would I put Brasil in the picture? Brasil will always play the same football, attacking and forgetting how to defend.

But football is more than attacking alone. And if I were to recall the great football legends, you are good at football if you have a solid midfield, a powerful defence strategy and a sleek attack.

The truth is Liverpool was not prepared. The recent sloppy wins are evidence that Liverpool was not ready for the Manchester United derby.

They struggled in Europe; they struggled to beat their Premier League opponents lately, and they were bound to drop points, eventually. Glad it happened at Old Trafford.


Now, will this draw give the much-needed morale booster to the Manchester United players to continue on the right track?

I believe the draw is a good sign, but it is now up to the players to tackle all the matches with the same grit and determination.

The squad is still searching for its soul, while Ole Gunnar Solskjær needs some top and experienced players to compensate with the youngsters.

Nevertheless, Ole won a point that can keep him fighting for another day and if he continues to deliver good performance and win points, he will be in the driving seat for a longer time.

In the meantime, Klopp got clipped at Old Trafford!

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