Who are the four MSM candidates with scandals at 6 and 9?

Who are the four MSM candidates with scandals at 6 and 9?

October 21, 2019 0 By WFTV
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MSM has the reputation of a party of scandals. This was its backbone since its creation from the ashes of the MMM-PSM 60-0 alliance.

The party has on its back a series of big scandals, some of the biggest, in Mauritian history. Remember the Amsterdam boys? The 4 MP’s used as drug ‘mules’?

Remember the recent scandals? The tongues, and zippers in Parliament, the abuse of institutions and the biggest scandal of all, the refusal to take responsibility for all the scandals?

Now, the same MSM has 4 candidates in the constituencies 6 and 9 who are rigged with scandals. Yet they are postulated to be the MP’s in Parliament?

One candidate in No 6 Goodlands/Poudre D’or faked his car registration certificate. There was to be an investigation and he should have been sanctioned for that. But no, he got a ticket to become your MP!

Another candidate at No 6 was involved in a fake currency scandal. Both are from MSM.

At No 9, an ex-advisor of an opposition party candidate was involved in granting taxi licences against payment of Rs 75000 per taxi, a source said.

In the same constituency, another candidate who was the ex-chairman of a government agency has a sexual harassment case against him.

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One thing is certain. The MSM-ML is not going to promise it will eliminate the scandalous manner it is running the country in its manifesto!

That will be the finest indication for the people to decide who to vote!