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MMM fight against drug, corruption, and fight against weakening democracy

The opposition party, the MMM of the veteran politician Paul Berenger, made the fight against drug abuse and proliferation, the widening corruption under the MSM-ML regime and the weakening democracy as its priorities for the upcoming Nov 7 polls.

The party, which is seen as the cleanest with a true national political agenda is also prioritising a host of other measures to revive the dwindling economy.

The party presented a 20-points programme that it says will be the focus of an eventual MMM government.

It says it is going into the elections alone fighting against all other political forces to win and to govern the country.

In its plans are the introduction of a Freedom of Information Act and a Commission of Inquiry on the BAI affair that rocked the country after the MSM-ML-PMSD took power in 2014.

The party is also looking forward to a ‘true electoral reform’ in Mauritius together with an efficient political party financing act and a Declaration of Assets Act.


The party is also putting a lot of focus on the unemployed and the elderly population, together with allowances for several segments of the population.

For the unemployed youth aged 18-25, the party suggests an allowance of RS5000, reimbursing the elderly folks for expenses incurred for medicines not available at the hospitals, align the old-age pension to the minimum wage and creation of a ministry for Senior Citizens Affairs.

The party intends to allocate RM1000 monthly to mothers of children aged 3 months to 3 years for nursery fees in order to allow them the opportunity to get a job.

Secondary students will be gratified with free internet services but the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, a political tool in the hands of some parties will be transformed into a ‘BBC’ type of organisation.


The party is not forgetting the small planters. It is proposing a round table that will bring factory owners, small and big planters, the employers in the plantation segment and the authorities to sit together.

The aim is to find a strategy to get them out of the current crisis and for an equal distribution of revenues in the sugar cane sector.

It is also suggesting the creation of a Land Division at the Supreme Court.

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