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The MMM is clearly winning hearts just by being MMM

By DF, Port Louis, Mauritius

If you followed the electoral campaign since the announcement of the dissolution of the parliament, you would have noticed a dogfight between the leader of the MSM and the leader of the PTR.

The fight has reached such a level that the population is becoming fed up with the under the belt attacks.

The latest video on social media has pointed to the “Roches Noires” saga, which has been a major argument for the MSM since 2014.

We expect retaliation from the PTR side and the fight will continue until the elections.

However, during the fight of the two potential future prime ministers, one party is benefitting largely: That is the MMM.

Long seen as the party of the opposition, the MMM has been the main opponent to both the Labour and the MSM since 2005. From that time, the two-word phrase “Paul Non” has been widely used in rural areas.

The slogan is interpreted as the refusal to accept Paul Berenger as Prime Minister of a Hindu majority nation.

In 2019, things have taken a strange and unexpected turn. First, we are witnessing a three-cornered fight between 3 major parties for the first time in 42 years.

Secondly, social media, which has over 700,000 Mauritian users is having a direct influence over people with no political affinity.

During the elections of 2014, a large percentage of Mauritians chose not to vote.

However, with social media now as a major political tool, the MMM is currently the party attracting more voters.

The reasons for this are obvious. The MMM had no issues with the candidates they presented, then the manifesto was welcomed as a realistic one which is close to the expectations of the population.

Then there is also a complete absence of scandals, no arguments against Berenger but also the influx of sympathy towards the MMM since many left the party ahead of the elections.

THE KING! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Recently when asked how he felt about being called ‘kingmaker’ in these elections, Berenger replied, not ‘kingmaker’ but King.

Pondering carefully about it, Paul Berenger is spot on. A king does not have to fight for his kingdom, he earns it by the will of the people.

People do not make Paul, neither do “tenors” like Ganoo, Obeegadoo or Jeeha.

Without major political financing and many new faces, the MMM is clearly winning hearts just by being the MMM.

November 8 will be the day where “Transfugisme” will be rejected by the population, where dynasty and racism are kicked out as the MMM wins a large and surprising number of seats. Best wishes! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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