The non-Muslim Chinese girl who wears Hijab!

The non-Muslim Chinese girl who wears Hijab!

October 29, 2019 1 By User (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Recently a Twitter user from Kedah, Malaysia shared a video that went viral. In the video, she is wearing a hijab but she is not a Muslim.

And that made the video viral because non-Muslims do not wear ‘tudung’ as the hijab is called in Malaysia. On top of that, she is an ethnic Chinese.

She said her name is Zhang Jia Qing, She said she likes to wear the hijab because she has many Malay-Muslim friends.

“I am Chinese but I like to wear hijab,” tweeted @jiaqing28512216 which got 19 thousand views.

“Maybe because I have Malay friends from before and until now. When I saw them wearing hijab, I thought they all looked cool. I was interested in the concept of covering up for politeness because it made me feel comfortable too,” explained Zhang.

This is not the first time she shares a picture or video of her wearing hijab. In 2018 she shared a picture and this too went viral.

Since sharing photos of her wearing hijab, Zhang’s tweet has also gotten more than six thousand likes and her account is flooded with comments from netizens.

Jia Qing is not the only Chinese girl who got such attention after displaying their preference for Muslim wear.

Another netizen with the handle @yennierubyyen also shows-off her full hijab.

we gang ??‍♀️?— 月 (@yennierubyyen) October 21, 2019

@yennierubyyen in Hijab and Malay dress

Dindaaa is also another netizen said to be of non-Muslim faith also wears the full hijab called Jilbab in Malaysia.

Sameee ??— Dindaaaa ? (@memeylerr) October 21, 2019

But it appears the picture of the user wearing hijab has been removed. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});