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The great achievements of PM Jugnauth! = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth is banking on his accomplishments, like a minimum wage law, to win general elections on Thursday says Reuters.

Here we list some of the achievements in his short reign:

  1. Light rail with alleged old spare parts? A costly train service that his party, himself and his mentor, papa Aneerood Jugnauth was against.
  2. Holding the elections two years after he took power from papa, instead of calling for a confidence vote earlier than that?
  3. Mauritius pride itself on a history of political stability, but Mr Jugnauth put all that at risk to keep his waning grip on power. Big achievement!
  4. Reuters says Mauritius relies on tourism and financial services for revenues: Jugnauth basically put the tourism industry into ‘retard’ mode and exposed the financial services to massive fraud and money laundering – Read the Panama Papers!
  5. Pravind asked for a comfortable majority so the MSM with its comics and villains can wreak havoc again?

The Lies: = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
  1. On Sunday, Jugnauth says he has done everything to improve the life of all the citizens of Mauritius no matter their ethnic group. But he abandoned the Muslims when they were under attack!
  2. He pressed the police to ignore reports made by some citizens who felt they were under threat.
  3. Jugnauth also got them to arrest who tried to defend their faith and got police to ignore the incendiary statements made by some ministers on the Islamic faith.
  4. His police force was investigating a series of malfeasance, but until today, no report or no action taken?
  5. He also called for elections on a Thursday, putting Muslim officials and workers in a fix for their Friday prayers, now saying he is working for all ethnic communities? = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

His real deal:

  1. He got himself out of a quandary at the Privy Council but Paul Berenger MMM leader says this is just a technical matter and the Med Point scandal remains a scandal!
  2. Mauritius won the rights to claim Diego Garcia as its territory but Jugnauth welcomed the Americans who are sub-letting it from the British to remain there…
  3. He also gave away a jewel of the Mauritius territory, Agalega, to the Indians who are pumping billions of Rupees in some projects in the country!

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