The economy is the priority

The battle was a hard-fought one on the streets and in the media, with the fake news in social media winning.

Nevertheless, we have to admit that Mauritius made a turn into a new era with the election results.

Many are claiming fraud, tampering and manipulation of the results. There is evidence of a degree of dishonesty though.

It was officially reported by some media in Mauritius the foreigners, most of Bangladesh origin, were on the voter list.

But when 7,000 Mauritians could not vote, it took the country by surprise.

However, after every election, we must move on.


This government has to tackle the economy. This should be the priority for the new government with new faces that will be put in place soon.

The previous regime of Pravind Jugnauth did not have a grasp of what is wrong with the economy. They did not know how to tackle what they could not understand.

It is palatable to say this about an entire government, but it is a fact.

There is little they can do now, after winning big in a certain way, in the elections on Nov 7.

But if they listen to the woes of the people and they correct their past mistakes, it will bring some relief to the people.

Instead of reducing duties on Toukmaria, perhaps they could think and plan ways to bring more relevance to duty and tax reduction on food items?


This government has to provide economic relief to the people. It has half a year to plan its new budget for 2020. But it does not have to wait until then, to bring some relief to the population.

Whether they can be crafty enough to find ways to bring such reliefs, depends on the IQ level of the current batch of MSM-ML lot.

We had a very poor bunch of MPs hailing from the MSM-ML in the last Parliamentary sessions.

But with the current crop of new faces and some veteran politicians backing them from outside, we hope they will do better on the economic front.

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