Tanjung Piai: Losing is a slap, winning means PH can ride on its nonsense!

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There is still a differentiation between the Pakatan Harapan and the Barisan Nasional in the Tanjung Piai by-elections. It is the word Harapan in Pakatan.

And the word Harapan for some folks in Tanjung Piai is ‘hope until you go to the grave.”

That is how serious some people are thinking in their apparent ditching of PH in the by-election in Johor.

PH represents an attempt to bring change to Malaysia. A difficult narrative when in practice the reform agenda is all but abandoned. This is the perception among a segment of the population.

And it reflects what we hear and read on a daily basis on social media or in coffee shops or in small talks over roti canai.

I said there is still a differentiation between PH and BN. To many, the difference is clear: PH represents failed reforms. BN represents a return to the old norm.

There is still hope PH will turn around and say sorry and press on for hard reforms.

But will a loss in Tanjung Piai get the PH moving to ‘bungkus’ ex-PM Najib Razak faster and put him in that orange suit asap!

To many people, it is appaling Najib is still running amok in the streets of Malaysia. The question is why is he treated like a prince while every other accused are treated harshly?

Some people are now saying it looks like Najib will get away scot-free. They say it is either because the PH legal advisers botched the job by dragging the cases or they gave Najib too many opportunities to play the innocent.

Some also say the PH got the priorities wrong. From black shoes to Khat for non-Muslim students and the mishandling of the ICERD and Temple Mariamman situation. The list is long.

There is also the cross-over from Umno to Bersatu, upsetting the balance in the PH ecosystem and the various attempts to sink Anwar Ibrahim.

Many in PH made it clear they do not want Anwar as PM, even some of his own party people went public with such views.

It shows two things in the eyes of the public:

1. PH is a bunch of jokers who got corrupted as soon as they took power.

2. PH is as greedy as BN.


And Dr Mahathir Mohamad the Prime Minister did absolutely NOTHING to prevent the PH descent into hell.

Instead, he gave the impression he is supportive of all the nonsenses the PH has done so far.

To the point that one would dare ask whether he joined PH with his Bersatu to destroy it from the inside and hand over victory to the BN in the next GE?

Is Dr Mahathir the most elusive of Trojan horse in the political history of mankind?

This theory is supported by the actions and sayings of the elderly statesman whom we supported as PM candidate in the 2018 elections.

And it is pitiful that the main culprit in the 1MDB affair is given so much leeway while reforms are set aside.

Not only reforms. The promises too are whitewashed and are denied to the public.

What does the PH expect in return? Massive support from the ground and from the voters?

We hope they get such support. But all the reports are negative, except for the rallies where Anwar Ibrahim is speaking, there is barely anyone following PH in Tanjung Piai.

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