Dr Mahathir’s nose bleed and Tanjung Piai canvassing

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not seem his normal these days, certainly not after the shock defeat in Tanjung Piai.

The nonagenarian (which is the word used for people aged 90 and above) seemed to limp while walking out of events.

Perhaps it is the toll on his physic after the long and arduous campaigns in Johor.

Sources within the corridors of power say there is too much pressure on the Prime Minister.

“The ministers are sending all their dossiers they cannot handle to the PM office,” says the source.

“They cannot handle anything. It all boils down to Dr Mahathir to make a decision and this is taxing.”

Yet, in another sign of age (sic) catching up with the elderly fox, Dr Mahathir had a nose bleed yesterday.

This got Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng an opportunity to post a selfie with Dr Mahathir. See picture below.

Lim, Minister of Finance, grinning all the way with tired-looking Mahathir in the backdrop

n a Twitter post, the DAP secretary-general said the premier assured him that he was in good health after suffering the nose bleed.

“Tun (Mahathir) said, ‘don’t worry’, my blood pressure (reading) is good 120/70,” Lim said, posting a selfie with Dr M

Below is the moment caught on camera. Dr Mahathir is seen cleaning his nose. Reporters say they saw him bleeding while attending a media presser.

There was an outpouring of wishes to Dr M to get well…

In another event, Dr Mahathir looked worn out, perhaps still reeling from the unexpectedly massive defeat of the Bersatu in Johor.

The Prime Minister earlier told the media he did not expect the massive drubbing in Tanjung Piai.

He said he thought the candidate will be defeated by a margin of 2000 votes, not 15000 votes.

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