Forbes highlights Salt of Palmar, first eco-hotel of Mauritius

Usually, we have the eco-conscious travellers but with this hotel in Mauritius, you got the first eco-hotel.

And it is given the full honours in Forbes online magazine.

According to Forbes, the hotel management hopes guests will go back home with greater awareness of the intimacies of Mauritius.

“The hope is also that guests will bring home with them a greater awareness of how small steps taken in daily life can go a long way to protecting the environment.”

It says SALT created something that’s stylish, vibrant, contemporary and chock full of surprises. “But without an ounce of pretension.”

Reading through the article one can learn more on the nitty-gritty stuff about the hotel. It gives you more than you would find on the hotel’s portal.

From the untraditional check-in without a reception desk to the downloadable room key to get access to rooms. The hotel is full of surprises and innovation.

After you fill your personal information on a tablet you get a short mindful meditation session. And don’t forget the breathtaking views from some of the rooms.

An awesome view from the hotel window – Picture: Salt of Palmar

There’s no mini-bar but something more enticing and the 100% organic, fashioned from unbleached cotton ultra-soft bathrobes.

The SALT of Palmar Hotel has recently been reinvented by Camille Walala.

Walala in collaboration with Mauritian architect John-François Adams has transformed the hotel.

According to Design Milk, Walala says the many vibrant and bold colours around the Island blew her away.

“People paint their houses in the most amazing tones that really stand out against the lush tropical setting.

“From the emerald green of the plants to the ever-changing colours of the sky, I wanted to marry these warm natural tones to my signature pop colours.”

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