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Bersatu wants cabinet reshuffle but who do they want out?

In a surprise move, the Bersatu party got the attention of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who agree for a cabinet reshuffle in a year’s time.

While no country on earth plans a cabinet reshuffle that long, the question is who’s head will fall?

We can only ask more questions to Bersatu. Why is Bersatu asking for a cabinet reshuffle? Is it going to be a reshuffle or a complete change in the ruling class?

Which parties are the target of the Bersatu members who managed to get Dr Mahathir on board with the idea of a reshuffle?

The Bersatu party had a series of squabbles against the DAP and some PKR members lately.

Some within the Bersatu showed their unhappiness that Dr Mahathir will have to quit sooner or later. They are probably not happy it is Anwar Ibrahim who will take over.

In Dr Mahathir’s comments on the reshuffle, he made it clear he is not capable to do a reshuffle on his own.

He said he needs to get the Pakatan Harapan leadership on board before he can announce a change in cabinet.

This may mean two things: Either he is trying to contain a mini-revolt in Bersatu after the Tanjung Piai beating or he is teasing the PH with changes in the leadership roles.


A report published by The Malaysian Insight suggests a majority of the people in Bersatu are in favour of the reshuffle.

The party source who spoke to the portal says it is the sentiment after the Tanjung Piai drubbing.

It is said the view expressed was to help the coalition regain public’s confidence. It also mentioned the lacklustre performance of the ministers since last year.

The fact that Dr Mahathir insisted a reshuffle is not the way to go is an indication he is aware of the dangers it represents.

A reshuffle without a change of guard at the helm of the PH government will mean little.

He may be right in saying new faces will not solve the problem the government is facing. He listed a few of the perceived problems.

For the Bersatu to press for the cabinet change, it means they want to get rid of some people they do not like.

Or some people they are blaming for the recent backlashes against the PH on some key issues implemented with Dr Mahathir’s consent.

The PM is the Bersatu chairman and they are not blaming him for the Tanjung Piai result. They are blaming other ministers.

And for sure, they are not blaming Bersatu ministers, are they?


The PM has also said, perhaps in his own sarcastic way, any reshuffle would take place ‘AFTER’ the APEC summit in Malaysia.

Which is hilarious at best.

Malaysia is to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (Apec) 2020 meeting in November next year.

“There’s a lot of work to be done. Our big problem next year is we will host the Apec meeting and we cannot treat it lightly.

“It is one of the biggest international conferences,” he told reporters.

But no one can relate the organisation of an international conference with the need for a cabinet reshuffle in Malaysia!

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