This Indonesian man could be Asia’s most prolific serial killer!

This Indonesian man could be Asia’s most prolific serial killer!

November 28, 2019 0 By WFTV

An Indonesian man who claimed to be a shaman, Ahmad Suradji’s story shocked Indonesia in 1997.

It was out of the blue that the police visited his house in the middle of a plantation that they uncovered a well-hidden secret.

It turned out the Shaman was, in fact, the most prolific serial killer in Indonesia’s history!

Police visited his house after they were tipped on the whereabouts of a woman found dead in a plantation.

A tuk-tuk driver told the police he dropped the woman at the shaman’s house. The police made it a point to visit the shaman. There they found the belongings of the dead woman.

But they also found items that belonged to other people. This is when he confessed to the killing of at least 42 women.


He told the police he killed the women to get supernatural powers. Shaman Ahmad Suradji’s case was phenomenal.

Born on January 10, 1949, Ahmad Suradji is the first child of a family struck by the death of his father when he was only 7 months old.

In the neighbourhood where he lives, he is better known as Nasib Kelewang. Nasib means fate in English and Kelewang is the name given to a machete As a child Suradji had fallen into a well, but he survived.

“Since then, I have called him Fate because he survived,” said Sartik, a parent of the killer, when interviewed by Tabloid Nova in 1998.

He is called Kelewang because he used to steal Ox and cows and carried a machete with him always.

The parent said the serial killer was an avid learner of black magic or shamanism. His late father was a shaman too and he studied the latter’s books.


According to the video below, he strangled the victims and while they were dying, he would suck their saliva. A kiss of death that comes from a deranged mind, one would say.

This would probably give him the strength of their life and give him supernatural strength?

Nevertheless, he even changed his name to Ahmad Suradji hoping this will bring him blessings and a better life.

One interesting aspect of his life is that he married three sisters from the same family.

That is he married one woman from the family named Tumini, then he married her two sisters named Tuminah and Ngatiyah.

He got them to live under the same roof, which did not please his mother, and he kicked his mother Sartik out of the house.

This unusual behaviour did not raise any suspicion, but it is strange they allowed him to marry the sisters of his wife. Some Islamic school of thought does not allow a man to marry the sister of his wife.


Since childhood, Suradji claimed he was often visited by his late father. It was dreams after dreams in which his father supposedly gave him various magic tricks.

There is also the magical whisper saying he will inherit some strong powers that he could use to defeat enemies. But he could also use them to heal people.

But to master this knowledge, he had to offer sacrifices. These should be human lives. The whisperer told him to kill 72 women which at first, he resisted.

But the desire to gain that knowledge led him to carry out his murderous spree. Sacrificing a number of lives for a greater good, he thought, was okay.

In was in a sugar cane field in Sumatra that the police found 42 bodies. Most of them were reduced to bones. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

All of them naked women. Aged 13 to 27 years. And it is the death of one Sri Kemala Dewi (21) that nailed him.

Some villagers even thought they had found the body of a goddess when they discovered the dead women.

In this barbaric act, Suradji was assisted by one of his wives, Tumini.

Tried and sentenced to death on December 1997, he was executed by a firing squad of 12 men in 2008.

At one point in time, he said he was forced to admit the murders under duress.

His wife Tumini received a life sentence. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});