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Using a government program, the cartel in the PKR were shouting they were the true reformists. They also claim fake reformists, and opportunists have manipulated Anwar Ibrahim.

A Minister, Zuraida Kamaruddin blasted the microphone with attacks against some party leaders. Her speech went viral, but for the wrong reasons.

Now the party is saying it would take actions against her amid calls from party supporters to sack her.


There is nothing wrong with reformists enjoying power, or having some great holidays.

Those do not make you a lesser reformist. Nevertheless, when you are in government, and you can barely bring reforms; that’s a very sad affair.

There is no reason to shout and scream ‘reform’ or claims to be the ‘initial’ reformist or the first to go to jail.

History will never remember the two days the reformists spent to jail.

It will always speak of the long jail term of some leading reformists. An Anwar Ibrahim remains the one who went to hell and back.

Minister Azmin Ali claims he was first to land in jail in 1998. But he was soon released. He forgot to mention that, some say.

Others, like Madam Zuraidah, feels the party belongs to her and her people. That is the impression we get when watching her at the ‘gala dinner’ paid with public money.

The funny thing is that her leader, Mr Azmin says the party does not belong to anyone but the people.

He also says the party was not created to put someone as PM. Funny, very funny, especially when we know who wants to replace Anwar as the PM-to-be!


On a serious note, Malaysiakini reports that Anwar’s and Wan Azizah’s assets have plunged.

It says their joint assets declared on Oct 17, 2018, at RM1,141,562.32, fell to RM672,392.63 as of Nov 11 this year.

A RM469,169.69 or 41.1 per cent drop.

MACC website where the assets’ figures are viewable does not say why the asset dropped.

Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah’s monthly income remains at RM59,048,33.

Malaysiakini says deputy prime ministers are paid RM18,168.15 per month on top of their salaries as MPs. Wan Azizah is the Pandan MP. Anwar is MP for Port Dickson. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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