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An Uyghur woman who says she leaked documents on China’s rights abuse in Xinjiang got a death threat from Beijing. But instead of going into hiding, she comes out in public with the threats.

The explosive cache of documents outlines how the Chinese government rounds up, detains, and controls its Muslim minority.

The western region of Xinjiang has a majority of Muslims who are now victims of Chinese’s brutality.

Asiye Abdulaheb, a 46-year-old Dutch citizen, has now publicly said that she helped spread those documents. 

She says the Chinese made threats against her life. They say they will cut her into pieces.

On top of that, a Chinese state security agency sent her husband to Dubai to spy on the Dutch citizen.

Abdulaheb says she and her family have been receiving threats online and in real life since June, shortly after she posted the tweets.

The leaked documents are internal Communist Party documents leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

The  24 pages document describes brutal security controls in detention camps and the reasons officials cite to detain Uighurs.

She gave an interview with De Volkskrant, a daily newspaper and spoke to The New York Times.

However, going public, anything that happens to her will be blamed on China.

The Chinese authorities are surely scrambling to deny her allegations as they denied all crimes in the matter.

Abdulaheb says she received the documents in June and tweeted the screenshot of one of the pages, attracting the attention of Adrian Zenz, a leading Xinjiang researcher.

She declined to give details on how she obtained the documents that had stamps and letterheads of various Chinese authorities.

Moreover, the ICIJ says it obtained the documents through a ‘chain of exiled Uighurs’. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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