What did Turkey, Qatar, Iran do for the Muslim world?

Turkey, Qatar and Iran are suddenly the champions of the Muslim cause.

Joining Malaysia, at the KL Summit, to stardom they rose.

But there is a big question that I would like to throw at these three partners in progress.

What did they do for the Muslim world and I ask them without duress!

Because I have more questions coming after this one.

What do they have to show in the name of progress and development, anyone?

Freedom to speak, they say. Free to speak I may!

However, they want their nations to shine on us, the poor people.

No need to go into details. We know that Qatar has the famous Al Jazeera television network.

Can Al Jazeera report on Qatar and not be in trouble?

A network that will never talk of Qatar except to deliver the official message from the King’s palace.


Iran’s own revolution is finding it hard to put food on the people’s palate.

And let me tell you, in Turkey, many cannot go to work.

Oh yes, the ‘Tuan Rumah’ Malaysia also has its sort of problems and issues.

All the while, the people they are fighting for can only wipe their woes with some tissues!

Or they can just watch the show until the end, wondering and pondering.

Where will this all end? Will it deliver on its promises? More promises they are wondering.

Alas, if the ‘Oh Eye See’ has failed, is it not Turkey, Iran, Qatar and Malaysia’s failure too?

The blame fell on who?

On Gaddafi, Saddam, Yemen and the wailing Syrians?

They are now in a daze, confused on who is the good or the bad samaritans?

To the least, the accused in this whole charade, for there is one, has done more than the quartet!

They sow the seed of progress while they cannot hide their weakling.

Those rantings only divide and those summits can only bring more wrangling.

The decline of our Ummah, what are the causes, asked the quadruplet.

But the answer is in them. From the Project for the New Arabian century to the Arab spring.

The live killing of Gaddafi and the joy they displayed, any bell that ring?

As much as the festering of the dogmatic turmoil with the hope it will bring the cure.

It was as if they were so cocksure!

Now they want to fix Libya, Yemen, Syria after watching them go down the gutter.

And praying that their union will bring out this elusive development, did they utter?

3 thoughts on “What did Turkey, Qatar, Iran do for the Muslim world?

  1. I would agree and disagree at the same time , to go along the tide and be together with BIG BROTHERS policy means to see another “Mianmar cleansing” another “Urgur bashing” another “Khasmir beating” another ,”Indian community shouting” without any concreate and firm action not just to help but build up their ruin community.
    To tell the whole world they are real is one less action is another.
    However though all countries have their ups and downs and agreement and disagreement on the local as internatipnal front effort should be geared laterally and unitarally as well as varios ways and means as well as alternatives as to the common goals of GOODS to Muslim world and world as a whole to make the earth worth living in be Muslim Kristians Jews Buddist Hindu Athies .
    This could be a mile stone to start a long journey at least hoping all THE BIG BROTHERS wont be antagonise instead seeing eye to eye with the real problem faced… Sincerely

  2. At the end of the summit —which changed its name to Perdana Forum it seems — the organisers made an announcement. They said deals were signed between various countries and the biggest deal is apparently the Turkey-Malaysia defense deal. The big boys get the big toy while the other big boys make the hard cash on the big toys! That’s the name of the game brother. Don’t live in a utopia! The big brothers cannot stop us Muslims defend our Muslims if we want to. Tell me the defense deal is to get weapons to defend the Muslims in other Muslim countries?

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