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PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia (CPI) is in collaboration with the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) to conduct research and technology development. One of the targets is the development of a Mobile Corn Dryer.

The aim is to help corn farmers who experience problems with drying their products during harvest.

To dry, farmers still rely on nature, namely the sun. The existence of a Mobile Corn Dryer is expected to help overcome the problems faced by corn farmers.

Cooperation between PT CPI signed directly by the President Commissioner of PT CPI, T Hadi Gunawan with ITB Rector Prof Dr Ir Kadarsah Suryadi with the signing of the MoU on December 17.

Emier Shandy, VP Engineering of PT CPI said, the demand for corn raw materials for animal feed production is very large.

Corn farmers have problems with post-harvesting where problems are always found, namely in the drying process. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

He said, in April 2018, the first prototype of the Mobile Corn Dryer (MCD) as a result of the team CPI Engineering efforts, was produced.

It is expected that MCD can reach farmers in remote areas and facilitate the sale of corn with lower water content.

And of course, the aim is for this technology to provide better income for corn farmers.

In 2018, the existence of the 2.1 Series Mobile Corn Dryer Unit was tested in Lampung together with KTNA farmers.

The farmers said they feel the benefits of the MCD, but the cost per KG is still high, so corn farmers have not been able to benefit significantly.

PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia seeks to continue to innovate the MCD. Currently, the MCD unit is in its version 2.5 and will continue to be developed together with the collaboration with the Bandung Institute of Technology. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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