Want a three feet long avocado, anyone?

Yes, if you did not know, avocados can grow as long as three feet, and you can find them in Florida, America.

It looks like the country of Donald Trump has a lot more to offer than raging tweets and impeachment.


The USA is also about some niceties too. And a farm in Miami, Florida is producing some of the most amazing fruits.

See the beautiful avocado below:

But this post is about the three-feet long avocado. Though there’s no picture of the longish fruit, the story goes in Miami, they can grow that long.

A popular blog, Return To Now, gave a good review of this incredibly awesome avocado.

According to the portal, this type of avocado is known as the “Long-neck” and they’re all organic, that is they are non-GMO.

Singapore’s Business Insider says the avocado can cost a whopping $47 each.

Miami Fruit says the Pura Vida avocados can weigh up to nine times as much as a standard fruit.

And that they are “thick, creamy, savoury, and slightly sweet.”


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