Maszlee victim of bad press or a great disappointment?

Malaysia’s Minister of Education fell from his perch, leaving office only after one and a half year. Is he the victim of bad press or has he been a great disappointment?

Supporters of the minister are saying on social media he is a victim of bad press. The media, in particular, hounded him for the issues created by the PH in the education sector.

To be fair to the media, PH diverted from its original promises. It indulged itself in an abuse of its agenda with conflicting policies.

This is obvious with the Ministry of Education. It is not surprising the minister fell victim of this diversion and divisive policy.

On the other hand, his supporters and some teachers are claiming he achieved a lot more than we realise

They are posting the list of achievements on social media. They are also saddened he is a victim of the entire political play in Malaysia.

Some on Linkedin made comments that he is not an astute politician. But being a PhD holder, he could have overturned the tide, say others.

Nevertheless, this is the first resignation during Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s second tenure. If he wanted a perfect run with the cabinet he appointed, this is now gone.

Whether the minister was a victim of bad press, or the victim of PH’s wrong manoeuvers, the crisis in the PH deepens.

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