Diana’s shadow will always dominate Harry’s life

Prince Harry’s latest scandal—leaving royal duties—is happening because Princess Diana’s shadow will always follow him.

The British papers are going wild with stories of racism and vilification of Prince Harry’s wife. They say this is the reason why he left his royal duties.

The bold move means both of them has to start earning a living on their own. Meghan to go back to some form of acting perhaps, while Harry may star in some shows?

There are other theories, than the above, why Harry made this move.

The Daily Mail says it is about a ‘damaged’ prince Harry who saw in Meghan, his wife, a way out of the Royal mess.

We believe it is about Diana and her shadow will loom on Harry for the rest of his life. It is the sweetest memories from his difficult childhood and no one will be able to steal that away from him. Not even Meghan.

Harry and brother William released an HBO documentary about Diana in 2017. Watching the show makes it clear that Harry has intense emotions about his mother.

Diana’s smile and words are more meaningful for Harry.

The toll of the mother’s death was clearly visible on him, 20 years later. It was hard for him to hide these emotions.


It was predicted that Harry will be a difficult teen due to his independent mind. The mind of the mother.

He is the exact replica of Princess Diana with the exception that he is not too restrained, unlike Diana.

Diana was under intense pressure with a tight leash holding her off. But once she broke away from the grip of the Royal household and from Charles, she grew with intensity.

She overshadowed Buckingham Palace to become an icon of her own. Harry may repeat the same feat like his mother, if he does it right.

This may mean he will become the rebel prince who overshadows the brother in the palace.

Harry is who he is today partly because he had a tough time growing without Diana.

Some 20 years down the road, Harry still misses his mom. He expressed that feeling publicly. It relieved a pressure on his chest.

However, it appears Harry is not willing to let the Royal family forget his mother. The palace moved on from Diana’s glowing figure and from the role she played in the family and in the country. Harry did not.

This could be the main reason why Harry quit his royal roles. It is also clear that he wants to follow the footsteps of the mother.

Harry is independent and has mixed-emotions about the institution of monarchy.

In his 20s, he wanted turn his back on all the privileges of being a real prince to live an ordinary life.

‘I felt I wanted out, but then decided to stay in and work out a role for myself,’ he said. He also said, ‘I wasn’t a Prince, I was just Harry.’


Diana’s shadow will always loom on Harry’s life and on his future. He is probably the one person who does not want people to forget her.

He wants to remember Diana the same way she left him back at the palace with the promise to return for him.

They say Meghan is like this beautiful, sassy, independent woman who must have seemed like the personification of the freedom he so desired.

And this made him decide to break-away from the palace. Some are calling him the unhappy Prince trapped in a royal straitjacket.

But deep down, it is the glowing memory of his mom that keeps him going.

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