Libya is now three ‘countries’ run by armed groups

An example of the Project for a New Arab Century! = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Libya, a country we rarely hear about these days except for the violence and power struggles.

The country, according to teleSur is a divided nation. teleSur is a Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela.

But if you think teleSur is Venezuelan and is lying because they are ‘leftist’, let us see what the trusted Western media are saying.

This is what the BBC is saying: There are 3 or more armed groups running
their own areas in Libya. There is not real central government.

This is what Le Monde, the French daily, is saying:

Aux portes de l’Europe, la poudrière en Libye menace de se transformer en une nouvelle SyrieLe Monde = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

In English: At the gate of Europe, the powder keg in Libya may transform the country into a new Syria.

It says this is a serious threat with the political and military situation so fragile it could start another flare up.

The global and Muslim powers are fighting in Libya. Both wants full control of the country. Alas, they are not able to bring back the Muammar Gaddafi days.

However, said to be the devil, Gaddafi kept the country united and peaceful.

Now that we have confirmed teleSur’s report by verifying it with ‘trusted’ Western media reports, lets move on.


Nevertheless, under Gaddafi, Libya was indeed peaceful. It was not at war. We never heard of killings and massacres or power struggles that led to massive deaths.

This is now the new Libya. However, under Gaddafi, the country prospered.

Throughout Gaddafi’s tenure, ambitious social programs were launched. They were in the areas of education, health, housing, public works and subsidies for electricity and basic foodstuffs.

These policies led to a substantial improvement in the living conditions of Libyans. They must be missing those days now! = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

From being one of the poorest countries in Africa in 1969, Libya was Africa’s leader. Certainly in the continent’s Human Development Index in 2011.

And that was the last time Libya had a good score to show.

The Facebook video shows how the U.S. under Bush and Hilary Clinton messed Libya


From March to October 2011 NATO launched a bombing campaign on Libya. This had a decisive impact on the assassination of Gaddafi.

It allowed rag-tags groups to join foreign enemy forces to attack the Libyan government.

According to teleSur, the strategies used were simple and we list them down here.

  1. Create anarchy in a city (Benghazi) and get a UN mandate to bomb Libya
  2. With the cover of the bombing, armed forces infiltrates the country
  3. They bring with them massive weaponry and a lot of shiny vehicles with weapons retrofitted on them
  4. The UN-NATO massacre is well documented find them on Google
  5. The Western spy agencies aid the local disgruntled grouping to murder Gaddafi

The anarchy strategy is so successful that it opened a can of worms and Libya today is ungovernable.

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The Libya project is part of a wider Arab revolutionary project. It is called PNAC or the Project for a New Arab Century.

The Arab PNAC has the same acronym with the PNAC formulated by the American neo-cons. It is called the Project for a New American Century.

The MAGA is part of the PNAC Americana. The MAGA, you know it means Make America Great Again. President Donald Trump is the promoter of MAGA.


But behind MAGA there are the people who promoted the PNAC Americana for decades. Though Trump is playing in their hands, he is not allowing them to dominate his presidency.

This is how he fired many and many others quit his cabinet or regime since he took power.

One of the biggest casualty of the MAGA-PNAC run by Trump is Micheal Bolton.

The Libya project was part of the PNAC planned by the neo-cons in America. It appears the PNAC Arabia then took over the project to destabilise Libya from the PNAC Americana.

The PNAC Arabia first appeared on the Al-Jazeera website. It has since then changed into a single article on

The original files and agenda under the PNAC Arabia has since the Arab Spring fiasco, been removed. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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