Libyan tribes held a meeting yesterday

The consultative meeting for notables for the leaders of cities and the Libyan tribes is holding a meeting in Libya.

Yesterday was the reception of the participants.

It is dubbed the Bin Walid meeting. The aim is to decide the fate of the Libyan people, says a participant.

“Today began the reception of delegations participating in the consultative meeting on the Libyan crisis in Bani Walid,” read a Facebook message sent to WFTV.

The organisers claim there will be important announcements made during the meeting.

There is no indication on the length of the meeting, but it is a rare occasion to see tribal leaders meet in Libya after the Muammar Gaddafi era.

The aim of the meeting, the organisers say, is to dampen the continuing crisis in the country.


In an earlier message to WFTV, the organisers say the Al-Qaddafi group issued an important decision on the Bin Walid meeting.

It says the meeting in the city of Bin Walid is to rebuild the tribal council and uniting ranks.

The meeting in Bani Walid is part of efforts to bring the tribes to work together.

Libya has not seen peaceful days since the start of the war against the Gaddafi regime in 2011.

The Libyan tribes were not at war during the reign of Gaddafi. The current situation in Libya may be resolved if the tribes work together.

On the other hand, Libya’s UN-recognized Government of National Accord says forces of  Khalifa Haftar launched attacks in the country’s northwest despite a call for ceasefire.

This is disrupting efforts for peace in Libya, which is now three country in one.

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